China Wine & Spirits Awards 2013

Another feather in the cap!

Ritu Blush bagged an award at the recently concluded ‘What Food, What Wine?’ 2012 competition in the UK.

Part of the IWSC Group Ltd., this was UK’s first major Food and Wine matching competition that aimed to help wine drinkers experiment with confidence, when it comes to finding wines that go with their favourite dishes. Further, all the wines were judged true blind and the only thing that mattered was how well the wine paired with the food.

‘What Food, What Wine? Indian’ was an exciting addition to the range of competitions and provided a unique opportunity to pair wines with popular Indian dishes like chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, and lamb rogan josh. And the youthful, refreshing Ritu Blush wine that was paired with Chicken Tikka Masala came out as a winner!

The competition was headed by award-winning wine writers, TV broadcasters and Masters of Wine Couple - Peter Richards and Susie Barrie. Joining them were a top team of food and wine experts, including the world’s best sommelier, Gérard Basset (MS MW), together with Guardian columnist and acknowledged food and wine expert Fiona Beckett, among others.

This award stands testimony to our commitment to offer quality wines to wine lovers, experts and sommeliers across the globe.

Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon wins honours at IWC 2010
Four Seasons Wines….Now with an SMS hotline

Text messaging has emerged as a preferred communication channel for millions of consumers due to its convenience. USL Wines too has taken on the digital medium to help consumers know all they need to know about the entire range of Four Seasons Wines. By simply using their mobile phones to send a message from anywhere in the country. With a low awareness of wines in India and a large number of consumers intimidated by the subject of wines, the FS Wine Line is a small step to remove those intimidations and provide relevant wine information to the consumers at the tip of their fingertips.

The FS Wine Line provides all the information on Four Seasons wines; covering three important areas; the varietals, the tasting notes & food pairing suggestions.

All you need to do is send FS to 56006 and follow the simple instructions.

So go ahead and start SMSing!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Four Seasons!

Chocolates and Roses are so passé! This Valentine’s Day, Four Seasons celebrated love with a delightful Four Seasons Blush. Blended perfectly with the rich and hearty flavours of violets, roses, strawberries and sweet spices. A special pack of Four Seasons Blush Rosé wine with two aromatic candles was specially designed for the occasion to make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet!

Four Seasons wines @ Café Coffee Day

Why have just coffee when a glass of delightful Four Seasons wine awaits you at Café Coffee Day! Four Seasons Wines Ltd. has now tied up with Coffee Day to serve wines at their select outlets in Bangalore and Mumbai. So choose from an enticing range of Four Seasons red, white and rosé and enjoy a glass of wine!

Special Holi Packs from Four Seasons and Zinzi

The most colourful season – a season where every hue and shade of colour explodes in the air, streaks across smiling faces and covers every pavement, street side and rooftop. Transforming a land into a priceless painting of true joy. Four Seasons and Zinzi celebrated the unending colours of joy and goodwill with a delightful choice of red, white and rosé wines this Holi with their special packs!

Wine Journal by Four Seasons

The journey into the world of wines is an experience filled with complex pleasures. To enable you capture your multiple wine encounters, Four Seasons brings you a Wine Journal –a personal archive, where you can catalogue your wine experiences. The Journal allows all wine enthusiasts to scribble notes about the wines they taste and/ or the occasion along with other details about the label(s). Besides, it provides basic information on wine appreciation, wine terminologies, serving temperatures, guidelines on storing, wine and food pairing, standard rating scales and finally a calendar of wine related events for 2010-11.

Thus, it can be used both as an educational tool as well as a reference for future wine indulgence – be it a personal or social setting.

So now document all those wonderful moments of wine exploration!