Four Seasons Wine Trail
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The Four Seasons Wine Trail is an inclusive activity designed to grow wine awareness and consumption. Four Seasons wine trail is a wine experience that we take to companies, clubs, groups and anyone interested in knowing more about wine.

It's a 60-90 minute program for upto 50 persons at a time, where we take the group on a brief journey into the fascinating world of wines, along with a wine appreciation cum tasting session. Four Seasons seeks to make wine drinking more accessible and de-mystify the experience.

It answers questions like : what is wine? How is Wine made? Why is wine healthy? How to serve, store and buy wine? How to drink and appreciate wine?

The Trail also includes a guided tasting of a few wines from the Four Seasons selection.  Apart from educating the participants on wines, the session serves as a fun and off-beat, team-building initiative. All participants attending the session are given informative handouts and a certificate of participation. The Trail is conducted by the Four Seasons Wine Educators and is coordinated by Tulleeho.

The Four Seasons wine trail is currently available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi/ NCR, Kolkata and Pune.