Opstal Viognier

Type : Still White Wine

Grapes :Viognier

Origin : Slanghoek, South Africa

Style: Dry

Tasting notes:
Colour : Bright yellow.
Aroma :A big, boldly flavoured wine that delivers the classic peach and apricot aromas of the variety.
Palate : A vigorous, rounded mouthfeel that balances the alcohol.

Serving suggestion:Enjoyed best at 8º - 12º C with curry and tandoori chicken.

Wines from South Africa

Opstal Viognier

Opstal Estate is situated at the foot of the Slanghoek mountains in the heart of the breathtakingly beautiful Slanghoek Valley. The valley forms part of the Breede River Valley with Worcester as the closest, large town. The vineyards of this 100 hectare estate have been planted to make optimum use of the various slopes and diverse soils. Stanley Louw is the current owner and sixth generation vinter of the Opstal Estate which was founded in 1847.

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